3 Ways to Style a Hoodie

When most people think of fashion or styling outfits, a hoodie may not be the first article of clothing that comes to mind. However, with the ever-changing landscape of fashionable clothing, you can style a hoodie to be more than just an outfit you wear around the house or when you need to run errands. To help you get started, we are discussing some of the best ways you can style a hoodie.

Layer it Up with a Denim Jacket

Hoodies don’t have to be the center of your entire outfit. They are, after all, comfort clothing and work really well with casual looks. You can add a hoodie to an outfit and then layer it up with a denim jacket for a casual look that has been played up a bit. You don’t need to do anything too fancy, just let the hood pop out from behind your neck, and keep the jacket open down the middle.

Also, try and make sure that the hoodie is a color that will go with the shade of denim you are wearing. When in doubt, a white or gray hoodie is the perfect match for a denim jacket. Always remember to pair a denim jacket with pull over hoodies, like the ones Acossi Jeans offers, and not with zipper hoodies.

Person wearing denim jacket with a hoodie

Slim Hoodies with Leather Jackets

Another sort of jacket that pairs pretty well with hoodies is a leather jacket. Being such a timeless look, a leather jacket works well with most outfits that you have. This makes it a great combination for your hoodies. Here, the only thing we suggest you ensure is that you don a slim or well-fitting hoodie underneath. Most hoodies are big and somewhat puffy for the sake of comfort, but pairing it with a leather jacket requires your whole outfit to look sleek.

These hoodies can work with or without a zipper, as long as they aren’t puffing up. You can also choose a lot more colors for your hoodie. A large range of colorful hoodies, like the ones Acossi Jeans offers, go extremely well with leather jackets.

Person wearing athleisure clothing with a hoodie

Pairing with Athleisure or Activewear

A couple of years ago, anyone wearing exercise gear or a hoodie might have been dubbed a bit lazy with their style choices. Nowadays, both hoodies and activewear are trending in the world of street fashion. In fact, athleisure looks themselves have become a whole style with quite a few different ways to put an outfit together.

Hoodies are a way to style your athleisure outfits. Whether you actually plan on going to the gym or not, it doesn’t really matter. You can find both designer hoodies, and some cool activewear at the Acossi Jeans shop.

Get started on creating these looks and sprucing up your wardrobe by buying fashionable hoodies online. Acossi Jeans has a good collection of mens hoodies and sweatshirts for both men and women. Check out their shop and contact them to place your orders.