Acossi jeans was founded 2010 by fashion / graphic designer Natacha Lacosse and her sister fashion stylist, Martine Lacosse. They began experimenting with denim, paint, rhinestones and other items as a way to escape the often dull and saturated market of jeans and jackets. Through their close research of trade-shows, runways, early adapters and street-trends, they began to channel their fresh look to new and exciting designs. Starting with jeans and later adding jackets to their line, the internationally contemporary streetwear and casual feel began to take hold. From the streets of Paris, to Milan and back to New York City where they currently reside in the North East, they are originally from Miami Beach Florida.

The mix of grit and elegance has given the brand a look like no other as Natacha intentionally wanted. Majority of the denim was sourced by US suppliers personally and visited by the designer.

Natacha’s career spans a plethora of engagements in fashion and creative design, including engagements with leading brands, Bhogalli, Lacosse has worked alongside industry leaders in the fashion world before setting out to challenge the denim and contemporary industry herself. It was during her job as Fashion designer & Creative director that Lacosse fell in love substantial with fashion, the thrill and the ability to create unique pieces that people can feel good wearing. With her determination to offer a unique approach to the one closet staple.

Natacha philosophy with products that are chic, cool, sleek and transcend cross-cultural gender nuances and her years of experience doing design work for other brands, Lacosse introduced Acossi Jeans as a ready-to-wear fashion line for both men and women that combines a unique mix of elegant, casual, and contemporary pieces. She has created Acossi Collection which will be feature as a more upscale contemporary design line, as she continue to focus on the present brand Acossi jeans which is a mid-scale line. 



The brand has gained global acclaim as a complete men’s and women’s apparel line, complete with casual elegance, a smart and detailed fit solution, flexible comfort, and an ultra-modern approach to street-wear. Acossi jeans clothing blend an undeniable level of functional comfort and modern lines as envisioned by its visionary designer/Founder Natacha Lacosse and older sister stylist/Partner Martine Lacosse.

Acossi Jeans has been featured in a number of trend setting fashion events, including Prêt A Porte in Milan Italy where it received the first of many international recognition. The line has also been featured in New York City, Hong Kong and Shanghai markets and has seen its list of notable personalities growth.

Acossi Jeans collection is a uniquely stylish look that is both approachable and inviting to the casual traveler and street-wear dweller. The company first started off by featuring it’s fitted jeans and jackets that quickly become the closet staple of any woman and man’s wardrobe, which the philosophy lifestyle is freedom. We’re offering our unique design that are fitted, comfort and flexible on the body and idea products and clothing for people on the go, which makes these collection designs different.

Our goal is to bring a trend worthy line of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories while landing them
at a mid-range price, with an escalating strategy for our online store.