How I Became A Fashion Designer Leave a Comment / Designer / Interviewer By Samuel Fashion / graphic designer Natacha Lacosse is the founder of Acossi jeans and Acossi Company 2010, she began her career in the fashion world by experimenting with denim, paint, rhinestones, and other items as a way to escape the often dull and saturated […]

By Acossijon February 26, 2021
FUN WITH ACOSSI JEANS FASHION FEATURE ON MARIKA FASHION MAGAZINE 11/2020   GET YOUR DIGITAL OR PRINT COPY HERE: MARIKA MAGAZINE FASHION (ISSUE 338 - NOVEMBER)   Clothing By Designer Natacha Lacosse; Editorial Select by editor at Marika Magazine Acossi Men's wear and GoodVibe on going T-shirt designs. Fun with Acossi jeans featured on Marika [...]
By Acossijon November 17, 2020

Acossi jeans brand Blog 2020: People all over the world have found themselves having to make dramatic changes to their lifestyles due to the pandemic. Even those of us here at Acossi J brand have had to put some serious thought into how we should do things differently. This included considering what products were important […]

By Acossijon May 18, 2020