How to Add Activewear to Your Daily Routine

Working from home during a global pandemic has blurred the lines between comfortable and practical clothes. The rise of athleisure clothing has combined fashion and function to produce a stylish and wearable look that’s also practical.

People are increasingly wearing activewear to the gym and at home. So, whether you’re gearing up for a workout session or going to an intimate lunch with close friends, here are some ways you can incorporate workout gear into your daily looks.

The Rise of Athleisure Fashion

The term athleisure is defined as casual clothing that you can wear both when working out and lounging at home. This trend reflects people’s changing mindset and lifestyles where busy schedules leave no time for quick outfit changes.

Sportswear has evolved to provide fashion and comfort while blending ready-to-wear outfits with a chic style..

Hence, the most prevalent item in everyone’s closet now is athleisure clothing that looks effortlessly stylish and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Pair Jeans or Work Slacks with Sneakers

One way to add activewear to your everyday look is by combining a pair of smart fitting jeans or wide-leg trousers with sneakers. This look mixes fashion with function and allows you to elevate your regular work outfit.

Overlaying Hoodies with LeatherJackets

Hoodies are incredibly versatile and can be styled for different occasions to look sleek, casual, or stylish.

The popularity of hoodies has skyrocketed in recent times, with brands producing slim-fit hoodies in high-quality fabric that can be layered with leather jackets for the ultimate on-trend look.

Acossi Jeans offers men’s hoodies and sweatshirts made from a high-performance fabric that look great with jackets and sneakers. Shop at our fashion clothing store online and benefit from excellent quality and affordable women’s activewear.

Sweatpants and T-Shirts

For the comfiest look that is functional yet cool, pair simple T-shirts with sweatpants. Experiment with different colors until you find a combination that complements your skin tone and looks effortlessly glam.

To elevate this simple look, choose T-shirts with unique designs. Buy women’s T-shirts online with striking designs such as Believe or Good Vibes from Acossi Jeans.

We also stock mens hoodies and sweatshirts in varying colors and styles, including V-neck, Crew, etc.

A man wearing activewear at court

Remember to Accessorize Your Activewear

Accessorize appropriately to blend your activewear with your daily wardrobe. Add sunglasses, a unisex hat, or a cool beanie to complete your overall ensemble.

Adding jewelry to your athleisure look will give off a street style vibe, so pair your activewear with a chain necklace or silver and gold hoop earrings.

Acossi Jeans is a popular fashion clothing brand known for providing chic, high-quality clothes. Read reviews from our satisfied customers. Visit our online store to buy workout clothes online and incorporate them into your daily wear for an elevated style!

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