How to Dress Up Casual Outfits

The point of casual wear is to be comfortable and relaxed. It’s clothing you can wear anywhere and on any day. However, this doesn’t mean that casual wear can’t be fashionable. There are ways to dress up your outfit without it falling out of the range of what casual clothing should be. The next time you shop for clothes online, check out a brand like Acossi Jeans to add more dimension and class to a causal look.

Layer Up Clothing

One of the best ways to dress up any outfit is to layer it up with something else. A pair of jeans with a t-shirt makes a very basic outfit, but it can be styled up with quite a bit of ease by adding a nice jacket on top. A leather jacket, like the ones available at Acossi Jeans, can add a layer of fun while still keeping the look pretty casual. Even an open button-down or a scarf would work wonders with an otherwise plain look.

You can also choose to add some accessories to your outfit to help something pop against an otherwise ordinary outfit. A bracelet, some colorful belts, or a necklace can add a lot more without you needing to do too much.

Focus on the Shoes

Another thing you’ll want to focus on is having the right type of shoes to go with your outfit. It’s entirely possible for the shoes to be the main attraction, with the rest of the clothing just complementing them. The shoes you wear don’t even have to be formal or heels to dress up your outfit; they can be nice boots or colorful sneakers that go with your look.

To draw more attention to the shoes, you can choose to pair bigger boots or sneakers with skinny or slim-fit jeans. This can give your legs a nice silhouette. You can even add some funky socks, like the ones available at Acossi Jeans, to add an extra layer of color or design.

Designer sneakers with skinny jeans

T-shirts for Contrast

So far, we have spoken about what you can add to a t-shirt look to play it up. Now let’s also talk about adding t-shirts to fancier clothing options to balance them out. We all have a few riskier pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, maybe a shiny skirt or pants that are checkered. Adding a t-shirt to statement pieces can take the edge off of them and simultaneously look upscale yet casual.

Bolder clothing items, whether they are jackets, statement jewelry, or fancy pants, need something to balance them out; otherwise, you can look too overdressed at a causal hangout. A well-fitting, plain t-shirt is one of the best ways to stop an outfit from being overdone.

To implement the strategies above, you can buy men t shirts online by checking out the collection Acossi Jeans has. They are a fashion clothing brand with the latest styles for both men’s and women’s clothing. Get in touch with them, and spice up your casual looks.

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