Butterfly Rise Print Crossbody Sling Chest Bag


We bet no bag you have matches the trendy appeal and girly charm of this Butterfly Rise Print Crossbody Bag. Add it to your collection!


Are you into hiking and camping? If you are, you’d know how the most unexpected emergencies can arise when you’re out in the open and how slim are the chances of being prepared for it. You can get caught in a storm or be drenched in the rain, but that’s the essence of adventure. However, you need to be fully equipped for such events.

This Acossi Butterfly Rise Print Crossbody Sling Chest mini Bag is perfect for camping trips, picnics, or walks in the park. This is a best-selling bag for a reason: the waterproof poly-nylon exteriors, USB charging port, and reflectors make it perfect for adventures. Planning a bonfire at night with your crew? Take this bag along. The front reflectors will come in handy in the dark. And you don’t have to worry about your phone discharging because the mini bag comes with a USB charger port too.

  • Size: 30cm X 17cm X 7cm (H L W)
Weight N/A