Men Fleur Mix Fab Black Jersey Sport Jacket


Acossi Men Fleur Black Jersey Sports Jacket is for the strongest, boldest, and most fashionable among men. Casual and cool, it’s perfect for all occasions.


Listen up, Men! It’s time to shed all the myths you’ve believed until now about what women want in a man. The idea that women are attracted to burly, macho Alphas with not the faintest leaning toward florals and ‘feminine’ colors is as rusty as it gets. It’s time to turn over a new leaf with a unique fashion sense that’s modern, manly, and beautiful. Start with collecting wardrobe staples for your new collection, including this Acossi Men Fleur Mix Fab Black Jersey Sports Jacket.

The jersey jacket is tailored to perfection and true to size. The faux leather is of premium quality and doesn’t fail to get second glances when you sport this jacket at a party. The delicate floral print on the front panel, sleeve, and back give this jacket just the oomph it needed to surpass all other ordinary leather jackets in style. Call out to all the biker boys! Grab one before they’re all gone.

  • high-quality PU faux leather
  • Fleur print abstract on arms
  • wool sporty jacket