Night Fleur Print Long Sleeve Dress Shirt


Wear our Night fleur print long-sleeved dress shirt and become the talk of the town. It’s super comfortable and airy. There’s no going back!


Planning a night out with a couple of friends, but not quite sure of what to wear? Well, you can stop wondering. Acossi men’s Night fleur print long-sleeved dress shirt is definitely your best choice.

It’s a slim-fit shirt with floral patterns printed all over the black exterior. The patterns are made from the most vibrant colors and stand out against the black background in a way that’s sure to get people talking. The best part is that you can dress up or dress down with this shirt and still look awesome.

Feel free to accessorize it with jeans or sneakers. You’ll see it will blend well with anything. The fleur pattern is printed on the side, front, and arms. It’s a front button, and for some people, that’s just easier and better.

  • 98% cotton 2% pol, stretch
  • mix fabric,
  • long shirt
  • Fleur print on arms, side, and front.
  • slim fit
  • front button
Weight N/A