Acossi Orbit butterfly reflector Backpack

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Don’t fear facing thugs in the dark with no battery in your phone because the Acossi Orbit butterfly anti-theft Backpack comes with a reflector and USB port.


Whether you’re biking or walking home, this anti-theft Acossi Orbit butterfly Backpack is the perfect companion. Ideal for all on-foot expeditions, this bag is made for daily use when you need a compact carrier to keep your essentials while traveling.

Maximizing safety, portability, and style, the butterfly backpack comes with a beautiful design at the front that doubles as a reflector, making it ideal for traveling in the dark of the night. It also offers a USB port coupled with an anti-theft design that equips you with everything you need for survival out in the open or if you’re stranded. Ideal for all rainy days because of its waterproof material and design; don’t worry about taking this bag along when a storm is predicted. There’s no reason to miss this one. Your bag collection is incomplete without this backpack, so order one for yourself or your friend right away.

  • SIZE: 26cm x 40cm x 11cm (10.4″x 15.7″ x 4.4″) (W-H-T)
Weight N/A