Paisley Mask 2 Sided SkyBlue


Searching for a trendy, affordable, colorful mask that protects you from germs and bacteria? The paisley mask is the one for you!

Sky Blue

Are you searching for an elegant mask that’s going to make you look more sophisticated and complement your outfit? Well, look no further! The paisley sky blue mask is the one for you.

Made from soft, light fabric, it’s a brilliant shade of blue. The mask is very comfortable to wear, and unlike other masks, the loops don’t put added pressure on your ears. It has a unique design but one that goes with every outfit. So feel free to wear it to casual get-togethers or corporate events.

It has a filter that helps to remove any dust particles and ensures that you breathe in only clean air. Since it’s average-sized, there’s a good chance that it will fit everyone. It weighs just 3 oz. so you can pack an extra one in your bag and carry that around. The mask is suitable for everyone regardless of their age, gender, or skin tone.

Feature: Filter inside / Ninja shape mask
Material: Cotton / Washable
Applicable gender: both men and women and Teenager
Color: Sky Blue
Size: average size
Item Type: Mask / Casual use / Paisley sky blue design
Soft, Light, and breathable, great for summer wear or winter.

Weight 3 oz

Sky Blue


One Size