Tribali Face Glitter Print Crossbody Sling Bag


The glitter tribal design on the Acossi Crossbody Sling Mini Bag may look like a treasure, but this anti-theft bag is not easy to break in.


Whether or not you appreciate tribal traditions or their rich history, you’ll admire their aesthetic contribution to style, such as in this Tribal Face Glitter Print Crossbody Sling Mini Bag. The scintillating silver tribal face on the black front gleams like a thousand stars on a night sky. Paired with the teal blue straps and back, every detail on this bag wows you. The choice of colors makes this bag a class apart from ordinary backpacks because this is something more.

But beauty is not all that you’re getting with this purchase. This sling mini bag comes with on-the-go facilities like a USB charger connector and is made from a lightweight material that makes travel easier and less burdensome. You don’t have to worry about storing your phone, portable charger, tablet, ediles, and other essentials on a trip because the bag offers enough space to keep it all without bulking up. So ladies, what are you thinking? This bag is enough to brand every owner with the title of “beauty with brute strength.”

  • Oxford Fabric (Waterproof fabric)
  •  Size: 18cm x 28cm x 10cm (W-H-T)
  • Style: Shoulder bag/Crossbody/Handbag