Women Sporty Fleur Design Print Fab Jacket


This Acossi Women Sporty Fleur Design Jacket is everything your avant-garde wardrobe needs. The floral print on faux leather is as sexy as it gets.


There’s no way you’re not going to vibe with this gorgeous faux leather Acossi Women Sporty Fleur Design Fab Jacket with splash art floral print. If you’re not already sold on the classic leather look, you will be on the splash floral print that gives this standard leather jacket an interesting spin.

The front panels are divided by a zip that runs to the top, with one side flaunting an eccentric art print that runs over onto the sleeves and the back. This jacket is as stylistically modern as it’s classic, and that’s why it appeals to all kinds of buyers. If you’re a woman of high-class taste, this is a must-have for your fashion wardrobe.

This biker jacket comes with a feminine touch that celebrates your womanhood and sporty aesthetic simultaneously. Pair it with a plain white or peach t-shirt inside and leave the jacket unzipped or flaunt an all-black look with the only splashes of color being in the floral abstract print. Nothing gives the jacket a more rich appeal than the quilted details and the glowing digital print!

  • high-quality PU faux leather
  • Fleur print abstract on arms
Weight N/A