Pure Isp Alcohol 99% Tech 2.7oz


Get this 2.7 oz. alcohol sanitizer to disinfect your surroundings and make them germ-free!


With the pandemic still raging, it’s important more than ever to disinfect regularly. This means you should carry a sanitizer with you everywhere you go. The pure isp alcohol makes it easier as it’s small and easy to carry —only 2.7 oz.

Since it has 99% alcohol, it’s the perfect tool for cleaning and disinfecting the area and items around you. A single drop would kill all germs on your electronic devices and give the impression that they’re brand new. You can also spray it in your shoes and get rid of the nasty odor of smelly feet, and eliminate any form of fungi, bacteria, and germs that’s present in your shoes.

The bottle weighs only 2.7 oz., so you can easily slip it into your bag. However, it’s not a good idea to expose it directly to heat as it may catch fire. It’s also best to use it in an open or ventilated room as alcohol fumes in small, closed rooms will make everyone feel suffocated.

This alcohol tech can be great use for cleaning, disinfectant, sanitizer, electronic devices, rubbing alcohol and also can be used as a deodorizer for spraying into shoes to eliminate odors, bacteria, fungi, germs) and more.


Weight3 oz