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Founded in 2010 by graphic designer and fashion designer Natacha Lacosse, Acossi Jeans is a contemporary fashion line known for its modern approach to high street wear. Natacha’s career spans a plethora of engagements in fashion and creative design, including engagements with leading brands. From Bhogalli, Lacosse has worked alongside industry leaders in the fashion world before setting out to challenge the denim and contemporary industry herself. It was during her job as Fashion designer & Creative director that Lacosse fell in love substantial with fashion, the thrill and the ability to create unique pieces that people can feel good wearing. With her determination to offer a unique approach to the one closet staple; today’s consumers can’t get enough of their jeans and unique contemporary clothing, and Acossi Jeans extends that philiosophy with products that are chic, cool, sleek and transcend cross-cultural gender nuances, and her years of experience doing design work for other brands, Lacosse introduced Acossi Jeans as a ready-to-wear fashion line for both men and women that combines a unique mix of elegant, casual, and contemporary pieces. During the beginning stages of Acossi Jeans, Lacosse sought to explore her creativity and add elements of art to her pieces, adding paint, rhinestones, and different fabrics to used jeans and creating what was called the “Experiment Book.” Today Lacosse has created Acossi collezione a more upscale contemporary couture design line, which will be a mix design of contemporary and couture as she continue to focus on presenting her unique designs for Acossi jeans mid scale line.

As an artist, Lacosse stays inspired by anything that speaks to her, whether it’s a painting, a piece of jewelry, an unusual-looking button, or old architecture. With her mission of offering people a complete wardrobe that will help them create their own unique style, Lacosse hopes to inspire others to stand out from a crowd with elegant yet casual pieces. Since its launch, Acossi Jeans has received global attention from trend-setting countries such as the United States, Italy, Hong Kong, and China.



Acossi Jeans refreshes street-wear! The brand has gained global acclaim as a complete men’s and women’s apparel line, complete with casual elegance, a smart and detailed fit solution, flexible comfort, and an ultra-modern approach to street-wear.  

Its fabrics are sourced from premium denim and leather across the globe, and its debut has been praised for its refined finish, intricate, handcrafted designs, undeniable comfort and feel, and a modern, figure-flattering European look.

Acossi Jeans has been featured in a number of trend setting fashion events, including Prêt A Porte in Milan where it received the first of many international recognitions. The line has also been featured in the Hong Kong and Shanghai markets and has seen its list of notable personalities grow to include well known artist feature the brand.

Acossi Jeans offers a full clothing line from jackets to blouses and from skirts to shirts. It amplifies clothing options and refreshes the street-wear look in ultra-flattering and high fashion, yet, casual looks. As today a new approach to the brand has been in the works from the company, Acossi Collezione an upper scale design line as Acossi jeans keeps its unique and elegance in a mid scale range.